A Good Life for All requires a different kind of globalization

9th -11th February 2017 | Vienna University of Economics & Business, Welthandelsplatz 1

Under this slogan the second Good life for all Conference took place at the Vienna University of Economics and Business from 9th -11th February 2017. The size of the conference of 2015 was even exceeded. At a total of 1100 registrations we had to close the registration. At the Good Life for All conference 2017, representatives of the environmental and social movements, academia and practice came together in dialogue once again. Building upon the conference of 2015, the conference of 2017 had three objectives:

  1. to discuss whether a coordinated economic de-globalization is a prerequisite for regaining the room for manoeuvre necessary to build a community enabling all people to lead a good life.
  2. to explore how urban institutions and infrastructures can open up spaces for urban and local bottom up experimentation and the design of new ideas, whereby cosmopolitan and systemic solutions can be thought and lived conjointly.
  3. to connect academia, civil society, unions, change makers, policy and culture and support unconventional learning and research partnerships.

The 2nd Congress worked with a participatory format according to „Art of Hosting“. This enabled a framework that leveraged both individual expertise and the collective knowledge of the participants. This way, we created a space for knowledge exchange, networking, mutual learning and celebration.

Additionally we “harvested” the results of the over 40 single events with more than 150 speakers and workshop organizers together with the harvesting team. Please find here a summary and the results of the congress.

Your Congressteam,

Dr. Andreas Novy
Mag.a Alexandra Strickner
Mag. Fabian Unterberger
Ursula Grafeneder
Charlotte Lejeune