Degrowth in movement(s)


Degrowth in movement(s)

Degrowth is not only a label for an ongoing discussion on alternatives, and not just an academic debate, but also an emerging social movement. Regardless of many similarities, there is quite some lack of knowledge as well as scepticism, prejudice and misunderstanding about the different perspectives, assumptions, traditions, strategies and protagonists both within degrowth circles as well as within other social movements. Here, space for learning emerges – also to avoid the danger of repeating mistakes and pitfalls of other social movements.

At the same time, degrowth is a perspective or a proposal which is or can become an integral part of other perspectives and social movements. The integration of alternatives, which are discussed under the discursive roof of degrowth, into other perspectives often fails because of the above mentioned scepticisms, prejudices and misunderstandings.

The multi-media project "Degrowth in movement(s)" shows which initiatives and movements develop and practice social, ecological and democratic alternatives. Representatives from 32 different fields describe their work and history, their similarities & differences to others and possible alliances. From the Solidarity Economy to the Refugee-Movement, from Unconditional Basic Income to the Anti-Coal-Movement, from Care Revolution to the Trade Unions - they discuss their relationship to degrowth in texts, videos, photos and podcasts.

The project was run by the "Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie" (Laboratory for New Economic Ideas) in Germany, so most of the authors are from there. However, there are a couple of clearly international perspectives and most of the movements work far beyond the national level.

You can find the English texts here. So far, there are:

Introduction by Corinna Burkhart, Dennis Eversberg, Matthias Schmelzer and Nina Treu
15 M by Eduard Nus
Artivism by John Jordan
Buen Vivir by Alberto Acosta (NEW)
Care Revolution by Matthias Neumann and Gabriele Winker
Climate Justice by Tadzio Müller
Commons by Johannes Euler and Leslie Gauditz
Degrowth by Corinna Burkhart, Dennis Eversberg, Matthias Schmelzer and Nina Treu
Demonetize by Andrea*s Exner, Justin Morgan, Franz Nahrada, Anitra Nelson, Christian Siefkes
Food Sovereignty by Irmi Salzer and Julianna Fehlinger (NEW)
Free Software by Gualter Barbas Baptista
Peoples Global Action by Friederike Habermann
Radical Ecological Democracy by Ashish Kothari
Transition Initiativesby Gesa Maschkowski, Stephanie Ristig-Bresser, Silvia Hable, Norbert Rost and Michael Schem
Unions by Jana Flemming and Norbert Reuter (NEW)
Youth Environmental Movement by Janna Aljets and Katharina Ebinger
Closing chapter by Corinna Burkhart, Matthias Schmelzer and Nina Treu (NEW)


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